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We don't stop with the regular steps

Other public speaking trainers will set a good foundation for you to grow your skills as a speaker. At Ideas Envy, our speaking consultants will guide you to grow more positive, more energetic and more skilled with each session. Move from Drab to Fab with our Public Speaking coaching.

We understand our client needs

Are you speaking in front of a civic group? Are you speaking at a wedding? Are you timid in front of your business peers? There's a solution for each of these. Our coaches take the time to detail what you already have in the way of skills and create a roadmap to success. This will give you a set of goals and tools to help you grow into the speaker you want to be.

The Team to Trust

We don't stop supporting our clients. We've even taken the time to visit our clients after working with us to help them with "real time" evaluation and coaching without charge. Why? Because your success is our success. We work as a team.

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